GR003 – Thomas Hessler – Outburst

1.Thomas Hessler Outburst
2.Thomas Hessler Desicate
3.Thomas Hessler Outburst Another Viewpoint
4.Thomas Hessler The Flood

A tough stripped down beat and a howling wind of feedback tell the story of Outburst. Like a raging tornado it destroys everything in its path leading to total mayhem. A stripped down hypnotic pumping techno killer. Desicate is the polar opposite of Outburst. Deep, Melodic and sympathetic. Fell the sadness as the Earth screams out for humanity to halt its total destruction. Outburst (Another Viewpoint) thundering offbeat toms carry the groove and build to a powerful crescendo as the feedback takes its hold The Flood raises the levels again with an unrelenting torrent of unstoppable ferocity. Words – Dave Ellesmere – support from Samuli Kemppi, Chris Liebing, Marcel Fengler, Norman Nodge, DVS1, Henning Baer, Max M, Arnaud Le Texier, Dimi Angelis, Jeroen Search, Puresque, Exium, Inigo Kennedy, Audio Injection / Truncate, Concrete DJs, Rebekha, Juho Kusti Karhunen, Lucy, Brian Zentz, Electric Indigo, DJ Hyperactive, Pfirter, Tom Bonaty (Prologue), etc


Artist: Solenoid
Title: Colony
CaT #: GR002

Release Date: Vinyl: 20 March 2012 Digital: 3 April 2012

Solenoid I Colony
Solenoid I Feathermen
Solenoid I Pandemic

Next up is the highly anticipated second release on ‘Graphene’…Enter into a future prophecy world, where the stark realization of armageddon is foretold in all its hell-fire glory. ‘Solenoid’ is the narrator/observer of a planet controlled and afflicted. The future of the humanoids is about to concede to a terrifying conclusion. Prepare to be sucked into a repressive nightmare.

First up: ‘Colony’ is a carved slice of visionary purgatory. Distorted pads swirl in whirlwinds of vortex like cylinders. It’s a piece of perfectly crafted technoid mayhem.

On the flip: ‘Feathermen’ begs the questions: Who are they? What will they do? What is their mission? All remains unanswered, except to acknowledge that a vile plan is at work. It’s an hypnotic trip that eerily changes with every play. The main riff attacks your cranium with subtle but deadly force, eating its way into your soul. Shuffling rhythmic drum patterns are juxtaposed with curious bells and creeping washes. The Feathermen are in control.

Last on the flip: ‘Pandemic’ is the absolute realization of a contaminated world. The pathogen continues to take down more and more of the planet. Steeped in urgency & despair, the space-age break gives insight to how the world might be after the annihilation….a new beginning or a end of all ends? You must decide.

One thing to conclude is that however much they unleash their destruction, they can never defeat nature itself. ‘Solenoid’ delivers a distinctive, badass EP that additionally works sweet as a DJ tool. To be continued…

Words: Livia Terri

12 Inch vinyl 20.03.2012 Decks
Digital 03.04.2012


Artist: Thomas Hessler
Title: Lost
CaT #: GR001

Release Date: 20.10.2011 VINYL 3.11.2011 DIGITAL

Thomas Hessler I Lost
Thomas Hessler I 12 Channel Madness
Thomas Hessler I Berlin Movement

Thomas Hesslers EP is the first player through crepuscular shafts & sonic subways.. beware the trail. First track – Lost – cements you into a vacuum of suffocating synths that precede a poundin kick.. you are propelled into a tunnel. The bridge of the track is a course in restraint, giving way to menacing drive & looping side sticks.. siren like washes takes hold, swirling & disorientating the listener. On the flip, – 12 Channel Madness – best conveys the tone and atmosphere of the release. The murky darkness & pace feels inhuman to the core, but not without infectious rhythm breakdowns with flavors of old & nu skool shuffle timbres. These tracks are also – tools – that do not sacrifice on complexity. The haunting synth washes carry us through but offer no comfort. Insanity & intensity reaches catharsis but never overpowers the overall mix. – Berlin Movement – is the final track on the EP that affirms you are still inside the tunnel. The incisive hook lines impel you to find your way out. The kick is more subdued forcing you to go with the melody until the break & bridge lapses back & the restraint builds to hypnotic frenzy. The kick is more subdued forcing you to go with the melody until the break & bridge lapses back & the restraint builds to hypnotic frenzy. A dry, howling wind prevails.. filtered and distorted. Thomas Hessler succeeds in taking us through his tunnel of contradictions: alluring, menacing, emotional yet coldly detached. Listen up: You might not escape !
Words: Livia Terri

12inch vinyl available exclusively @


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