Thomas Hessler

Every so often an artist comes along that perfectly encapsulates the sound of the times. Thomas Hessler’s productions are a fresh, personalized take on deep, pulsating techno & stripped down grooves that mirror the world & these times. In an ever-changing planet, that’s often brutally dystopian,…his sound is true and hard-hitting in style. Born in East Germany, Thomas weaves together early influences and creates unique productions that are balanced components of depth, mood, space & atmosphere.

Steppin up to the present & forward with a formation of releases, he continue’s to develop his craft with integrity. His DJ sets are created within landscapes of deep, dark, memorable techno fused with finely selected, dub saturated house. Teasing the crowd, subjecting them to emotional catharsis, he wants you to space out, dance euphorically & most of all ‘feel it to the core’. Music is his life & he’s gonna share that with you…Let’s go on a mission with him!

Book Thomas Hessler @ Billionwayz

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Resident Advisor


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