GR002 Solenoid I Colony


Next up is the highly anticipated second release on ‘Graphene’…Enter into a future prophecy world, where the stark realization of armageddon is foretold in all its hell-fire glory. ‘Solenoid’ is the narrator/observer of a planet controlled and afflicted. The future of the humanoids is about to concede to a terrifying conclusion. Prepare to be sucked into a repressive nightmare. First up: ‘Colony’ is a carved slice of visionary purgatory. Distorted pads swirl in whirlwinds of vortex like cylinders. It’s a piece of perfectly crafted technoid mayhem. On the flip: ‘Feathermen’ begs the questions: Who are they? What will they do? What is their mission? All remains unanswered, except to acknowledge that a vile plan is at work. It’s an hypnotic trip that eerily changes with every play. The main riff attacks your cranium with subtle but deadly force, eating its way into your soul. Shuffling rhythmic drum patterns are juxtaposed with curious bells and creeping washes. The Feathermen are in control. Last on the flip: ‘Pandemic’ is the absolute realization of a contaminated world. The pathogen continues to take down more and more of the planet. Steeped in urgency & despair, the space-age break gives insight to how the world might be after the annihilation….a new beginning or a end of all ends? You must decide. One thing to conclude is that however much they unleash their destruction, they can never defeat nature itself. ‘Solenoid’ delivers a distinctive, badass EP that additionally works sweet as a DJ tool. To be continued…

Words: Livia Terri


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