Thomas Hesslers’ EP ‘Lost’ Out Now on GRAPHENE ! Vinyl


Thomas Hessler’s EP is the first player through crepuscular shafts & sonic subways…beware the trail…

First track ‘Lost’ cements you into a vacuum of suffocating synths that precede a poundin kick…you’re propelled into a tunnel. The bridge of the track is a course in restraint, giving way to menacing drive & looping side sticks & siren like washes take hold, swirling & disorientating the listener

On the flip, ’12 Channel Madness’ best conveys the tone and atmosphere of the release. The murky darkness & pace feels inhuman to the core, but not without infectious rhythm breakdowns with flavors of old & nu skool shuffle timbres. These tracks are also – tools – that don’t sacrifice on complexity. The haunting synth washes carry us through but offer no comfort. Insanity & intensity reaches catharsis but never overpowers the overall mix

‘Berlin Movement’ is the final track on the EP that affirms you’re still inside the tunnel. The incisive hook lines impel you to find your way out. The kick is more subdued forcing you to go with the melody until the break & bridge lapses back & the restraint builds to hypnotic frenzy. A dry, howling wind prevails…filtered and distorted

Thomas Hessler succeeds in taking us through his tunnel of contradictions: alluring, menacing, emotional yet coldly detached. Listen up: You might not escape !

Words: Livia Terri


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